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Washington Apartment

N75,000 (Promo Price)

Well furnished room. It has a shared parlor, kitchen, laundry, wine bar

Terms And conditions

Cancellation Policy

3 days notice of cancellation is required prior to check-in for all lengths of stay in order to avoid charges.

Notice given within 3 days will result in a charge equal to 3 nights minus the number of days' notice given. For example, if check-in is on 8th August and notice to cancel is given on 6th August, then 2 days' notice has been given and a charge of 1 night will therefore apply (3 days - 2 days' notice given = 1 night charge).

This policy also applies to in-house guests should a stay need to be shortened.

Property Policy

All properties found in the room are in good working condition. Hence, should any property be damaged in the cause of stay you are expected to pay in full the total cost of the affected property. However, if a broken or faulty property is discovered, the management should immediately be informed.

An inspection of the property will be conducted before check-in and checkout of the apartment to ensure that every thing is in good working condition

Check-in and check-out Policy

Check-in: 3:00pm
Check-out: 12noon
Extended Check-out: 1:00pm. For extended stay, you will be charged for a full day booking

Proceeding to booking means you agree to the terms and condition of the apartment and as such you would be held liable by law should there be a breach of this agreement